10 side hustles for 2020

Michaiah King

Posted on January 02 2020

10 side hustles for 2020

If your looking to branch out from your current job and start off the New Year making bank, having a side hustle is perfect for you! I've researched 10 of the best side hustles that will make you more money in 2020. 


Ride Sharing

Have a vehicle? Go for it! Depending on the city you live, Lyft/Uber drivers can make up to $49,000 a year. You can also create your own hours and earn what you want on your own terms. 


Food Delivery

If having strangers in your car isn't your thing, an alternative could be delivering food. There are many different food delivery services such as: UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and many more. This side hustle is great because you set your own hours and keep up to 80% of the delivery fee, plus tips. 


Sale Online

Turn your clutter into cash! If you have items laying around your house that you want to get rid of the best place to go is Ebay. You can even buy cheap items and resell them online. The great thing about Ebay is you can sale up to 20 items each month free of charge. The key to making money on Ebay is knowing what people want. With the right guidance, there's no telling how much money you can make selling online. 


List your Home

If you have a spare room, garage, or basement area you don't use, list it online! This is very popular because it's a cheap alternative to buying a hotel room. There are plenty of people looking to save money. Airb&b, Homeaway, and are a few "home listing"websites that get tons of traffic. Renting out a room can make you up to $1000 or more a month. 



Are you a animal lover or enjoy children? Then this might be the job for you! is the perfect app to create a profile and book gigs babysitting. This app is amazing because you can list the pay and hours you would like. The wag app and the Rover app are great apps to get into dog walking. 



If your into selling items online but don't want to worry about storing items, drop shipping is the best option for you. With drop shipping, you buy items from vendors but instead of shipping the item yourself, the vendor will ship for you. This is a side hustle where you don't have to invest tons of money. With a lot of hard work and consistency, a dropshipping business could go a long way. 


Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant helps with many different online tasks such as social media, administration, customer service, bookkeeping, and more. Depending on your skills and experience, a virtual assistance job can make up to $35 an hour. If your interested, check out: or


Instagram Influencer

Being a Instagram influencer is very popular and makes tons of money. If your into social media or just love taking pictures this could be the side hustle for you. Depending on the following, social influencers can make 100,000 a year or more. However, growing a fan base takes tons of patience!


Real Estate

If your looking for a long term side hustle that can make you tons of money, real estate is a great option. Getting your real estate license can cost you anywhere from $199-$700. However, a real estate agent can make $100,000 or more a  year.



Tutoring is a great side hustle because tutors make $30-40 working with high school students and up to $85 as a certified teacher. To qualify as a tutor all you need is your High School Diploma! Visit:

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